Co-Founder, Head of Commodity

Lehman, Nomura, UBS, and Capula, since 2008

Chi SUN, Ph.D. in Economics

Co-Founder, Head of Equity  

Lehman, Nomura, and Capula, since 2008

Co-Founder, Head of Macro Research

Nomura and Daiwa, since 2009

Academic Positions

1984-1989: Ph.D. in Finance, MIT

1989-1994: Associate Professor of Finance, UC Berkeley (tenured)

1999-2001: Professor of Finance, Yale University (tenured)

2010-present: Professor of Financial Practice, CKGSB

Industrial Experiences

1994-1997: MD,Global Proprietary Trading, Salomon Brothers

1997-1999: Founding Partner, Convergence Asset Management, LLC

2001-2011: Head of Asia-Pacific Equity and Fixed Income Research, Lehman Brothers/Nomura

2011-2014: Executive Chairman of Capital Market Committee, CICC

2014-2015: CEO of Asia, Capula

2015-present: Founder and CEO, Nine Martingale Investment Management, LP